Day 53 CMTP – 6 Miles Easy – TM2


Today was a recovery day with 6 easy miles on our new treadmill. I just read where Jack Daniels has a treadmill correction factor (so to speak) where different inclines translate to outdoor speeds on flat ground. I’ve learned from experience that I can run faster and longer on the treadmill than I can outside. It turns out that this is normal. Jack says that a 2 percent incline should even that out and be the equivalent pace/effort for running flat outside.

I think I’m going to make this a benchmark run. One easy mile to warm up (zero incline), then four miles at 2 percent incline and speed of 6 mph (10:00 per mile), and then back to zero percent for the cooldown mile. I’ll track my heart rate for the middle four miles and use these numbers to measure improvements in fitness.

HR Splits for the middle four miles tonight: 163, 163, 160, 160.

It was nice to see my heart rate drop back down to 155 for the sixth mile. Overall it was a decent run tonight. No pain to speak of.


Day 52 CMTP – Sunday Long Run – 13 Miles


Quick note: I did run yesterday, just didn’t log it here. I did an easy 5 miles on our new treadmill. Not hard or fast, but I was running at 11pm after traveling for the last 22+ hours so I was already a bit tired.

Today’s run was solid. I needed to do more than 12 miles to get my weekly mileage slightly higher than last week’s. I did 13 miles (actually 13.1, which was a half-marathon coincidence). I did a similar route as many of my Sunday long runs– out to Charlotte Hall and back. It wasn’t too cold but fairly windy at times.

Average heart rate was 154 with a pace of 9:51. Not too bad. IF was 0.89 and EF 1.18 and rTSS was 190.8. All splits were pretty consistent between 9:34 and 9:50. Except for mile 6 where I had to stop for about a minute and wait for traffic before I could cross the four-lane highway. I used this time to drink several ounces and eat a GU.

No significant pains to speak of. A slight aching in the knees and groin but nothing major. Overall it was a decent run.

Day 49 CMTP – 5 Mile Tempo Run


Very nice run tonight. I was actually very proud of just finishing it. I was tired all day after having slept less than two hours last night, and having to go into the base at 3am. I got back to the hotel at 4pm and didn’t at all feel like running.

But I knew getting my 43 miles in this week would be tough if I pushed this run until tomorrow (with a 20-hour travel day Friday/Saturday). So I set out to run. I told myself to warm up for a mile, and if I was still too tired, just make it an easy 4-5 mile run.

But at the start of mile 2 I went for it. I was thinking no way I could make all five miles at a sub-9:00 pace. So I took it one mile at a time. Each mile I told myself I could quit after finishing it. But after each mile I kept going. I ended up finishing all five of the tempo miles.

With the warm-up and cool-down, I totaled about 6.5 miles at an average heart rate of 162. My pace for the middle five miles was 8:46– slower than my last two 5-mile tempo runs, but I was still quite pleased at the effort as I was running on basically no sleep and having eaten very little all day.

Day 47 CMTP – 4 x 1/2 Mile Repeats


Decent run tonight. The plan called for six 1/2 mile repeats, which I knew I wasn’t going to be able to handle (at any respectable pace anyway). So I set my goal on four with a half mile jog in between. Next week I should be able to get all six.

Stats for the splits:
1) 6:58, probably too fast. Goal pace was 7:45
2) 7:29, better
3) 7:29, okay that was the same.
4) 7:07, yep, I knew it was the last one.

So yeah, if I was better at judging my pace, I could have probably handled all six if I did them at about 7:45.

Overall stats for tonight’s run: 6 miles total, 162 average heart rate, rTSS of 107. Decent, but I should have been smarter and I could have pushed a little harder.

Day 46 CMTP – 6 Miles Easy

This boar was killed on the road where I've been running.
This boar was killed on the road where I’ve been running.

Decent run tonight. Again, not enough sleep last night. We worked at the missile range from 4am to 4pm, I was back at the hotel by 6 o’clock and did not at all feel like running. But the plan called for six easy miles (recovery from yesterday). My old self would have said, “screw it,” and just gone out for supper. But I did the old “two mile” trick. I read this somewhere– I don’t remember where. Some author said, whenever you are supposed to run, but don’t feel like it… just tell yourself you’ll run for two miles and if you still don’t feel like it, you can stop. But chances are, after you get warmed up, it won’t be so bad.

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Day 45 CMTP – 9 Miles LSD


Tough run this evening– which I knew it was going to be. Partly because I was running in the evening, after working on base for about 13 hours. I didn’t get enough sleep last night. It was still hot outside (about 82 degrees in Hawaii at 5pm). And also because I’m just tired from the last three days of running. Of course, that’s part of the Hanson plan — going into the last day already tired.

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Day 44 CMTP – 4 Miles Easy


Good run tonight. NGP about 9:45 at an average heart rate of 151. After yesterday’s ten miles total, I was feeling a little sluggish most of the day– tight calves, generally heavy legs, etc. But tonight’s run was generally nice and easy. It was almost 6pm before I started off- and had cooled to about 80 degrees. No rain, but it was dark. And I ate a few more gnats. They seem to come out here on the island after it gets dark.

Overall, it was a nice run. Low heart rate, but also pretty steady. And I should be fairly well rested for tomorrow night’s long run. Note: we’re working a flight mission this weekend with very early ours so I’m having to run after work for a few days.

Day 43 CMTP – Running in the Poipu Rain


This morning was a decent run. I did six easy miles at a 10:15 pace with an average heart rate of 161. It’s hard to tell from the picture above, but it was pouring rain for most of the run. And the wind… oh it was fierce for quite a while. In fact, I think I was running into the wind on my way out, and then it mysteriously changed directions and I was also running into the wind on the way back. That sucks.

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Day 42 CMTP – 5 Mile Tempo Run

D42-CMTP Great run tonight. The plan called for a repeat of last Thursday’s tempo run– a warm up mile, 5 miles at tempo/marathon pace, and then a cool down mile for a total of 7. My goal was to run the middle five at something under a 9:00 pace.

After a complete day off yesterday, I was totally rested and feeling pretty fresh. I did the same route as last week- three miles from the hotel toward Old Koloa town and three back plus a bit more on the frontage road to make an even seven.

Last week my pace for the middle five miles was 8:34, tonight’s was 8:25. After three miles at a decent clip (slight uphill), I really kicked it in at the start of mile 4. I did the first half of this mile at about a 7:20 pace before realizing I’d started my fast finish a bit too early. Plus, there was still a bit of a hill at the last part of this mile. I ended with mile 4 still being my fastest at 7:50, but I couldn’t keep that up for the last mile and finished with mile 5 at an 8:15.

Overall, it was slightly better than last week. The middle five miles were at an 8:25 pace with an average heart rate of 177 and an rTSS of 122.

I’m tired of writing about running

Random picture I found with Marvel comic monsters. And Halloween. Very cool.
Random picture I found with Marvel comic monsters. And Halloween. Very cool.

It seems that the only thing I’ve been using this blog for lately is as my running journal. I’m proud that I’ve been able to stick with this running journey for FIVE months now, and I realize that it’s important to keep a training log (so I can look back on it months or years from now and it’ll help me figure out what works and doesn’t work, etc.). But it’s also kind of boring.

And we haven’t done many family hikes (or vacations) in a while now. So I’m just going to start randomly posting things on here to break up the monotony of it all. I just thought of a category I could write about called, “Things I Like.” Why do I like Old Time Radio shows? I don’t know. Why is “I Dream of Jeannie” the best show in history? Again, I don’t know. It just is. There are lots of things I like so this could be a rich topic for exploring.

And maybe I’ll just explore Google Images and find a cool picture that could give me something to write about. Like the picture above. It’s almost Halloween and I love vintage comic book ads. (source: There you have it. I’m already rambling.