P10K – Day 3 – 7 Miles General Aerobic


Decent run tonight. No speed work, just a 7 mile general aerobic run. Goal was to run it all at 75% MHR (155 bpm). After a warm-up mile, I managed to keep it right on track which was roughly a 9:20 pace. No pain to speak of during the run, but oddly enough, my left knee started aching as soon as I was done. I’m talking immediately after slowing to a walk. I usually walk a couple of minutes when I’m done and, bam!, out of nowhere, knee pain. I iced it off and on for a couple hours afterwards and it’s better now but not completely gone. Good thing tomorrow is a no-run day (weightlifting only) so I should be ready for Friday’s tough run.

Stats for tonight’s run: 1 hour, 7 minutes, 7.02 miles, rTSS of 97.6, intensity 0.89. Pace (fastest 5 miles) of 9:20, average HR of 155.

Notes: good run, just pay attention to the knees.


P10K – Day 2 – 7 Miles + Speed


Today was my first run in the Pfitzinger’s 10K Training Plan. I need to come up with a snazzy abbreviation like I did for the CMTP (Charleston Marathon Training Plan). How about, P10KTP? No, that’s a mouthfull. I guess the P10K will do. Yep, that’s it.

Tonight’s run was a pretty solid effort for me. The official workout was called “General Aerobic + Speed.” It called for 7 miles total, with 6 x 12 sec hills and then 6 x 100 meter strides.

I did a warmup mile, then ran 5+ miles at my “general aerobic” pace which means keeping my heart rate between 70-80%, or roughly 155 +/- 2 bpm. I did pretty well with this part of the run, which for me right now is a pace somewhere around 9:20-9:30.

Around mile 6 I started the hills. I put the treadmill incline on 6%, and cranked the speed up to 8. As soon as I felt the speed level off, I ran for about 10 seconds then slowed to a jog. These six intervals weren’t too tough, but they were far from easy.

After these, I dropped the incline to 0% and cranked it up to 10. This was tough. My Garmin footpod said I was peaking at about a 5:30 pace. I alternated between speeds of 10 and 4 for a total of six intervals. I only jogged for about 20 seconds in between each stride which didn’t allow my heart rate to drop much. You can see from the graph that my speed and cadence were really up there, and my HR stayed pretty elevated.

Overall, I did 7 miles in an hour and eight minutes. My rTSS was a solid 98 with an intensity factor of 0.88. My legs feel tired, as they should, but I’m feeling no significant pain anywhere. The plan calls for a 7-mile Endurance run tomorrow so I’m curious to see how I’m feeling for that.

Pete Pfitzinger’s 10K Training Plan, oh yeah

faster-road-racingI started working on my next goal this week. I couldn’t find a marathon close enough to home that’s roughly 3-5 months from now so I decided on going all in for a 10K in April. I’m going to attempt a pretty tough 12-week training plan from Pete Pfitzinger’s book, Faster Road Racing: 5K to Half Marathon. He’s got some serious training plans in the book for each distance, with three 10K plans for runners who want to run: 30-42 miles a week, 45-57 miles, and 60-76 miles. You’ve got to be pretty serious about the 10K to tackle a plan with over 70 miles a week. Alas, I’m not that serious and am doing the easiest of his three plans. Which to me, holy cow, does not look easy.

Since I’m only nine weeks from my goal race, I’m having to jump in at week four. My knees are finally feeling recovered enough from the marathon in January that I can get back to some semi-serious running so hopefully I’ll be able to make this plan work. I’ve just recently gotten my weekly mileage back up over 30 and this week the plan calls for 30 miles so I think I can hang. It’s not the General Aerobic and Endurance runs that scare me– but the two speed workouts each week. It calls for intervals (and hills) on Tuesdays and a VO2 Max or Lactate Threshold run on Fridays. These are going to be tough.

I won’t review the book here but my initial impression is that it’s a good one. It’s probably geared more toward “real” runners than guys like me but I’ll give it my best effort. Maybe I’ll review the training plan in it after my goal race in April. If I do well, I can probably attribute it to how well I followed the plan. But on the other hand, if I have a crappy run, it probably won’t be because of the plan, but because I’m just not a very fast runner. We’ll see.

60 Minute Distance Trial – 7.50M


Great run tonight. This was my third 60M-DT (or 60 Minute Distance Trial). My knees are finally starting to feel better and I should be back up over 30 miles total this week. Hopefully up closer to 40 next week.

I ran the first mile tonight at about a 9:15 pace. I picked it up to about a 7:50 at mile 2 with the goal to keep this pace for as long as I could. I ended up finishing the run at this pace. That surprised me a bit. My heart rate was never out of control (avg 166). My cadence was a steady 91. And the best news yet, my feet, calves, shins and knees were never in too much pain.

All told, in exactly 60 minutes, I ran 7.50 miles at an average pace of exactly 8:00. Intensity factor was 1.05 with an rTSS of 123.3. This was a very solid effort for me.

Note my heart rate in the first half mile was a bit anamolous (170s) but it settled down to the 150 range before finishing my warm-up mile. It did slowly drift upward over the next 6.5 miles from about 165 to the mid-170s before I finished. Monitoring this drift over the full run for the next couple of months should be a good fitness benchmark. We’ll see.

60 Min Distance Trial – 6.8M


Tonight was my second “60 Minute Treadmill Distance Trial.” I’m going to have to think up something better to call this if I’m going to be doing it roughly every week. Basically, I run for exactly 60 minutes on the treadmill and see how far I can go. And with any luck (and an improvement in fitness) the distance will get longer and longer over the upcoming months.

Tonight’s run was 6.86 miles. This was an average pace of about 8:45. Not too fast, but I wasn’t pushing it too hard either. Average heart rate was 163, with an rTSS of 103. My cadence was over 90 for all miles but mile 6 which was 89. I’m pretty happy with that.

I still can’t think what to call this training run. I guess “60 Minute Distance Trial” is as good as anything. I’ll abbreviate it as “60 Min DT.” At least I should know what I’m talking about. I’ll just have to make note of whether I did it on the treadmill or the road.

60 Minute Benchmark Run – 6.58 Miles


Okay, so my first marathon was three weeks ago and I should have listened to Hal Higdon when he said you’d need about a day of recovery for every mile of the race. I didn’t quite believe I would need so long to recover, but alas, I have indeed had to take it easy the last couple of weeks.

I think I’m now to the point where I can start slowly ramping my mileage back up. I’ve only run about three times a week the last three weeks, with some very low total miles, but I’m feeling pretty good after tonight’s run.

I ran exactly 60 minutes on the treadmill tonight at a mostly moderate pace. I did 6.58 miles with an rTSS of 96.6. Not too bad overall. Only some slight aching in the knees and right now, about four hours later, no significant pain to speak of.

I’m thinking of making a 60 minute treadmill run a benchmark and track it over the upcoming weeks to see if I can get 7-7.5 miles. Covering eight miles will be about a 7:30 pace so that could be an eventual goal. Albeit not for a while.

30 Day Drawing Challenge – Day 8 – Man with bowtie


The above took a little more than five minutes. I had the sketching and basic outline done in time, but I realized I forgot to change layers between the sketching and inking. So screw it. I just spent another ten minutes or so playing around with the paint brushes.

I’m finding that getting these “five minute challenges” done in five minutes is tough. Maybe I’ll start allowing myself ten minutes. I’ll have to think about that.

Today’s drawing- not too successful. But at least he doesn’t look like a girl.