Week 9 – Sunday Long Run – 12 Miles


Today was my longest run to date. Six miles out and six miles back. While it wasn’t my fastest 10+ miler, it was still a pretty successful run. My average heart rate was 153 bpm and average pace about 10:30.

Note to-do: when I get a few more 10-mile runs in, compare them to see if I’m getting faster or am able to run with an easier effort. This could be another good benchmark to measure progress.

Notes on today’s run: no pain, but my legs were aching a bit toward the end. I ate an energy gel at six miles, and drank both water bottles in my belt by mile 11.


Week 9 – Quarter Mile Repeats


Today was our first day back from vacation and I did this run in the late afternoon (after lifting weights in the morning and cycling about noon). So it was hot, and fairly hard. Since I’ve been trying to do speedwork on Fridays, I decided to do 1/4 mile hill repeats. And wow, this is hard.

I jogged down to the end of the cul-de-sac in my neighborhood and ran as fast as I could for a quarter of a mile up a hill. Then I walked for a few seconds to get my heart rate back down quickly and jogged back to the bottom of the hill. Then I ran fast back up. I had no idea how many of these I’d be able to do, but it turns out I can only do four. Yep, that was it and I was hurting. Maybe next week I can try to do six. We’ll see.

Note- my “fast pace” was about 6:30 for the first one, and by the fourth one it was closer to 7:00. And oh  yeah, I jogged for about a mile or so when I was done just to make the workout at least a half hour long.

Week 9 – Tempo Tuesday – 4 Miles


I think today was my second “Tempo Tuesday” in a row. My plan for these is to run a mile at my easy pace (~150 bpm), then run a little faster for a mile (~9 min pace), then run the third mile roughly as fast as I can (~8 min mile). Then slow down to a 150 bpm, or as close as I can get to it for the last mile.

In a few weeks, I should be able to use these as benchmarks to see if I’m getting any faster, or running them at an easier effort.

Worth noting, my heart rate for the second mile (the 9:00 min pace) wasn’t as high as I thought it would be. It was 164 and if I could run at 164 and 9:00 minutes for a lot longer, I would be pretty happy.

Week 8 – Sunday Easy 4 Miles


Yes, today should have been my long run but we were going to Water Country and I didn’t want to get up at 5am on vacation to run before the kids got up. So I did a quick run and postponed my long run to Monday. Again, I started with the intent to run it at a heart rate of 150 but quickly gave up and ran it at an average of 157 bpm. Still pretty slow at about an 11:00 minute pace. Nothing spectacular about today’s run.

Week 8 – 4 and 1 Run


Today was our first day of vacation in Hampton Roads. And since I didn’t run yesterday, I needed to get some kind of run in. So I just did an easy 5-miler. I was running in the evening and it was quite hot out so it wasn’t too fast. I found it practically impossible to keep my heart rate close to 150 so I gave up on that and ran at 155-160 for four miles (still at a slow pace) and then ran the last mile at about 175 bpm. Even this pace wasn’t too fast at about 9:00 minutes.

Overall, it was a tough run but at least I got a few miles in.

Week 8 – 2 Minute Intervals for 30 Minutes

Screenshot from 2014-08-14 speedwork

So I didn’t get up early enough to do a long run this morning (west coast baseball kept me up way too late). So today’s plan was to simply do some interval speedwork on the treadmill. Last time I did it by distance (6 x 400m) but today I tried it by running easy for two minutes, then hard for two minutes, and repeat for half an hour.

I ended up doing a total of seven intervals– the light running pace was 10:00 min per mile and the fast was 7:30 (speed 6 and 8 on the treadmill). Maybe I’ll try speeds 6 and 10 sometime, but that’s a pretty speedy clip and I don’t know if I could do very many intervals at that.

Hopefully when I get in better shape, the plot for a run like this will look more like a square waveform pattern as opposed to an up-and-down diagonal pattern.