Day 31 CMTP – Sunday Long Run – 10 Miles


This morning’s run was fine. A bit slow, but it was pouring rain with winds up to 30 mph. I did an approximately 7-mile look around Poipu and Old Koloa Town and then a couple more miles to make it an even ten.

I did a good job at keeping my heart rate down near 150, but this came at the cost of averaging 10:49 per mile. My shoes were soaked before finishing the first mile. The good news was that I had no significant aches or pains. My legs did feel a little heavy, after running 10 miles on Friday and another five Saturday, but I was happy to see that I wasn’t too fatigued to get my HR up into my training zones.

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Day 30 CMTP – Easy 5 Miles


Nothing spectacular about this morning’s run. I did 10 miles yesterday (Friday) and plan on doing about 10 more tomorrow (Sunday), so I needed to get about five in to push this week’s total up over 40 miles.

I did a quick down-and-back 5 miles. Not great that I ran in Zone 3 for 55% of the run, and only about 30% in Zone 2 or below. So strictly speaking, this wasn’t a true easy run. Like it should have been. But it was only five miles and I didn’t feel bad. No pain to speak of. Overall, a decent run.

Day 29 CMTP – 6M and 4M Easy


It’s Friday in Kauai, HI and I’m almost a month into my Charleston Marathon Training Plan. Wednesday was a long travel day and yesterday was a recover-from-jet-lag day so I didn’t get any significant runs in the last couple of days. So I did two runs today. The above 6-miler this morning, and another 4 miles this evening.

I didn’t do a very good job of keeping my heart rate below my 160 goal this morning, but I felt fine and certainly wasn’t pushing it too hard. I averaged 162 bpm, at a 10:15 pace so it wasn’t terribly slow for an easy run.


This evening’s run was a simple four miles, out and back. Average heart rate of 161 bpm at a 10:10 pace… so roughly the same stats. But I was running in some significant rain tonight. Which kind of explains the erratic heart rate the last mile or so. It was dark, and raining, and I was kind of in a hurry to get back to the hotel. And go to dinner.

Day 28 CMTP – 5 Miles Medium


So yesterday was a 20-hour travel day (without much sleep last night). And I was working on base most of the day today. So I didn’t run until this evening right before supper. My plan was one easy mile, then pick up the pace for 2-3 miles, then one cool down mile.

I did the first one easy, but had an erratic heart rate. I did some research and discovered that wearing tech shirts, that are still mostly dry, with static in them… can mess with your HRM readings. I really think this is what happened. I had an average heart rate of 172 for the first mile which wasn’t at all accurate. (My RPE was about a 4.)

I picked up the pace (9-min mile) for  the second mile and my HR was actually lower, with an RPE of maybe 6-7. In fact, too fast to go another couple of miles. So I slowed back to the ~10:00 pace for miles 3-5 with my heart rate between 158-162. This is about where it should have been.

Day 25 CMTP – 4.0 Miles TM Easy


Nothing spectacular about tonight’s run. Note… after last Sunday’s long run, I had a fairly hard Monday (two runs of 3 and 4 miles and weightlifting). And I crashed on Tuesday and wasn’t able to do anything in my target heart rate. Ie., I ran a five mile tempo and a sub-9:00 pace and couldn’t even get my HR to 65-70%.

I’m trying to avoid doing that again. So no weightlifting this morning and I did only a 4-mile easy treadmill run this evening.

Not a bad run tonight. I felt fine (although I did eat too much today). I ran the first mile at a 10:00 pace and the last three at roughly an 8:35 pace. My heart rate splits were very steady and where I think they should be: 150, 156, 157, 157.

And no pain to speak of. The top-of-the-foot pain from yesterday lingered most of today but I iced it for a few minutes and it wasn’t bothering me while running. Hopefully it’ll still be gone tomorrow.

Day 24 CMTP – Sunday Long Run, 12.0 Miles


Only a decent run this morning– nothing spectacular. I did 12 miles out to Charlotte Hall and back. I kept my heart rate under 160 (156 average) but was at a fairly slow pace of 10:19.

What sucks is that I forgot to set my Garmin back to a one-mile auto lap and didn’t pay much attention to it for most of the run. At about mile 8 or 9, I started wondering why my pace wasn’t changing as I ran up and down hills. Then I realized I was in the middle of one LONG lap. So I did split it before starting my last mile. Yep, my splits for today’s run were 11 miles and 1 mile. Not that this would have made much difference, but it would be nice to be able to see how my HR and pace were doing for some of the middle miles.

Anyway, no major pains. A little aching in the knees between miles 6-10 but not too bad. It wasn’t hot. I didn’t even drink both of my bottles. I probably should have, but I did eat a GU gel at the half-way point.

I’m writing this tonight, several hours later and I’m feeling a few aches. Nothing terrible, but the top of my left foot is a little sore. That’s a new one for me. Overall it was an okay run. And it did put me at 41.3 miles for the week. So there’s that.

Day 23 CMTP – 4 Miles TM Easy


After yesterday’s fairly tough speed work, today’s goal was just to get in some easy miles. Still working on that “building my base” thing. I did four miles on the treadmill, all easy, but the first at a 10:00 pace, miles 2 and 3 at the 8:30 pace, and the last mile back to the 10:00. Interesting that my average heart rates were very much what I think they should be: 150, 157, 157 and back to 150. Nothing hard about this afternoon’s run, but I added four miles to my weekly total. Plus I’m planning on a 12-miler for tomorrow’s long run so I don’t want to go into that too tired.

Day 22 CMTP – 5 Miles Fartlek


This afternoon was the first time in a few weeks that I’ve done any speed work. I wanted to do some quarter-mile intervals on a local track but apparently, none of the school tracks around here are open to the public. So instead, I set off in the neighborhood with a goal of: one easy warm-up mile, various speed intervals for about three miles, and then a cool-down mile.

This was actually pretty fun- but a tough run. The first mile was easy- as planned. Then I took off, not sprinting, but running hard. At a pace I assumed I would be able to keep up for a quarter mile. But… I had no idea how far that would be, so I just picked a street sign to run to. It turned out that what I picked was exactly 0.25 miles. Pace was 6:27 and average HR was 173. Great stuff, but kind of hard. I walked for a few seconds until my HR got back down into the 150s then jogged for another 1-2 minutes. Then took off again. All told I did six of these (some flat, some slightly uphill and some slightly down). Stats for these six intervals (#, miles, pace, HR):

1, 0.25, 6:26, 173
2, 0.22, 5:55, 175
3, 0.15, 5:31, 173
4, 0.13, 5:55, 164
5, 0.17, 6:28, 171
6, 0.15, 6:10, 168

Notes: I think a sub-6:00 minute pace is a little too fast for me right now as my last four intervals weren’t even close to a quarter mile. I probably could have kept up that pace for the next 15-25 seconds or so if I was running on a marked track, but it would have worn me out. This run was tough enough as it was.

Good news that my last mile was about a 10:00 pace with my heart rate fully recovered down in the 150s. No pain to speak of but I was fairly tired.

The next time I do a fartlek run, maybe I’ll try to run a couple of quarter miles at this fast pace, but try to mix in a couple of half miles at a 7:00 pace. Just keep it kind of random.



Day 21 CMTP – 5.0 Miles TM Easy


After an easy day yesterday, I finally feel fully recovered. This morning’s five miles on the treadmill was pretty much where it should be. The first mile was a little erratic (as it sometimes is) but I did miles 2, 3 and 4 at speed 7.0 (8:33 pace) with a fairly constant heart rate of 146-150. I did the last mile at speed 8.0 (7:30 pace) just to see if my HR would get up in the 160s. It did with an average for the mile of 166. Good stuff. I should easily hit 40+ miles this week and I don’t feel like I’m overtraining or risking an injury.

Day 20 CMTP – 3.0 Miles Easy


This morning’s run wasn’t much, but it was good to see that I was able to get my heart rate back up at least in the ballpark of where it should be. I don’t think I’m completely recovered but I did about three miles on the treadmill (easy pace) and my HR was in the 130-140 range, with a few spikes up into the 150s.

Lesson learned: my easy days after long runs need to be easier. I really need to heed the easy/hard day cycle. And maybe reconsider when I do my weightlifting workouts.