I’m tired of writing about running

Random picture I found with Marvel comic monsters. And Halloween. Very cool.
Random picture I found with Marvel comic monsters. And Halloween. Very cool.

It seems that the only thing I’ve been using this blog for lately is as my running journal. I’m proud that I’ve been able to stick with this running journey for FIVE months now, and I realize that it’s important to keep a training log (so I can look back on it months or years from now and it’ll help me figure out what works and doesn’t work, etc.). But it’s also kind of boring.

And we haven’t done many family hikes (or vacations) in a while now. So I’m just going to start randomly posting things on here to break up the monotony of it all. I just thought of a category I could write about called, “Things I Like.” Why do I like Old Time Radio shows? I don’t know. Why is “I Dream of Jeannie” the best show in history? Again, I don’t know. It just is. There are lots of things I like so this could be a rich topic for exploring.

And maybe I’ll just explore Google Images and find a cool picture that could give me something to write about. Like the picture above. It’s almost Halloween and I love vintage comic book ads. (source: rookiemag.com). There you have it. I’m already rambling.


Day 40 CMTP – 10 x 1/4 Mile Repeats


This morning’s run was fairly intense. Last Tuesday I was only able to do about six 1/4 mile repeats so I called today a “do over” of last week’s speed session. My goal was to do at least 10, at somewhere just faster than an 8:00 pace, and not have to walk between repeats.

I started with roughly a one mile warm-up jog to the flat strait section of the road where I ran last week. I took a couple of water bottles and stashed them at my finish line. The intervals went pretty well but I’m still not great at judging my pace. I was able to finish 10, while mostly jogging back to the start point each time. The following were my paces for each quarter mile.

7:21 – A little faster than my 7:45-8:00 goal.
7:36 – Okay, I slowed a little.
7:07 – Oops. Probably too fast. Quick water break.
7:06 – Still a little faster that I should be running.
7:28 – Better, but I’m still feeling fine.
7:27 – I’m good with this.
7:18 – Still sucking at judging my pace.
7:28 – Back to mid-7-minute pace.
7:15 – I wasn’t paying attention.
6:51 – I knew this was my last one. I ran faster, just because.

I finished the run with a cool-down jog back to the hotel. Overall, the workout was just over an hour, 6.5 miles total, with a rTSS of 104. Not a bad workout… I could probably have pushed it a little harder. I was feeling a little tight but don’t think I was above my lactate threshold for much of the workout. We’ll see if I’m feeling it tomorrow (my scheduled day off) before Thursday’s tempo run.

Random Google Image Search – Ding Dong


The genesis of this post: my son asked me why a penis is sometimes called a ding dong. My boy is finally at the age where he’s realizing that I don’t know everything, so lots of my answers lately have been something like, “I don’t know. Let’s look it up.”

Now before typing “ding dong” into Google images, I’m wondering what might show up. I was quite certain that the results wouldn’t be age appropriate. I’m thinking lots of penises, maybe a few cuckoo clocks (you know, they make a “ding dong” sound.)

Lo and behold, the above picture is what showed up. It turns out there’s a Filipino actor named Dingdong Dantes and he’s pretty popular. At least a lot more popular than Hostess’s delicious Ding Dong snack cakes. And more popular than George Harrison’s song called “Ding Dong, Ding Dong.” And rightfully so. I just listened to a few seconds of this song on Amazon MP3 store and it is terrible.

Day 38 CMTP – 8 Mile Easy


Nice run this morning. An easy 8 miles… not fast, but I did pretty well keeping my heart rate in the appropriate zones for an easy run. Average HR of 154 and pace of 10:42.

I started earlier than yesterday (about 7:30 am) and it had just finished raining so the temperature was a nice 75 degrees. Also, I wore my hydration belt and ate a GU gel at about mile 5.

My heart rate for the first mile was a bit erratic. This has happened before, and usually when I’m wearing one of the New Balance tech-type running tank tops. My fastest miles were 5 and 6, but they were also the two with the greatest elevation drop.


My legs felt heavy right from the start. Not overwhelmingly so, but definitely noticeable. Up until now, I’ve always gone into the Sunday long runs having taken it easy the day prior. That’s not really the pattern with the Hanson Marathon Method. We’re supposed to go into Sunday’s run feeling a bit fatigued already and a Sunday 16-miler is meant to emulate the “last” 16 miles of a marathon, not the first.

Well, I only did eight miles this morning, but I was definitely still a little tired from yesterday’s eight miles. I’m planning on giving this plan a few weeks and then make a judgment call to see if I think it’s working. We’ll see.

Day 37 CMTP – 8 Miles Easy


This morning’s run was okay, but not as good as it should have been. I got up early enough but ended up slacking off around the hotel and started watching a Denzel Washington movie (Man on Fire). My thinking was, it’s already 75 degrees outside (at 8am), it won’t be too much  hotter at 10:00 o’clock. Oh, how wrong I was. I started my run about 10:30 and it was 85 degrees out, with the heat index making it feel like 88.

I felt fine the first three miles. Not fast, but I did well keeping my heart rate in the low 150s with a pace in the mid-10:00 range. But then the sun started wearing me down. And like the knucklehead that I am, I didn’t bring any water with me. Cardio drift was setting in at about miles 4 through 7. (See the blue line in chart above.) Even while slowing to an 11:00+ pace, my heart rate was creeping up into the upper 150s and then the 160s. I didn’t want to sabotage tomorrow’s run so I ended up walking the last mile. Plus, I have no idea what my walking heart rate is (after exercising) so I kind of wanted to figure that out. It turns out it is about 115-125 bpm. At least that’s what it was, in the heat, with nothing to drink, after having just run 7 miles.

Overall, a decent effort. With a couple of lessons learned. 1) It’s much harder to run in 85 degree heat than 75 degrees, 2) Run earlier on hot days, and 3) Take some damn water on any runs that will take me longer than an hour!

Day 36 CMTP – 4 Miles Easy

This morning’s run was an easy 4 miles. I was feeling a bit sore and sluggish after last night’s tough run. I was able to keep my HR under 160 which ended up being a roughly 10:15 pace.

Notes: if the previous day’s hard run was in the evening, any run the next morning might feel a little tougher than normal. That’s okay. I should probably expect it.

Oh yeah, I was tempted to rest this morning and do today’s run after work, but I’ve got an 8-miler to do tomorrow and I’d rather have ~24 hours between today’s and tomorrow’s run (as opposed to 12-13 hours). Hopefully I’ll feel fresh going into Saturday’s semi-long run.

Day 33 CMTP – 6 x 1/4 Mile Repeats


Today was the first speed session under my newly edited training plan. The plan called for 12, 400 meter repeats at roughly an 8:00 pace.

A couple of issues with this run. 1) I don’t have a 400m track and my Garmin uses miles, so I’m going to just do these as 1/4 mile repeats. And 2) there’s no way I can run 12 fast quarter mile repeats.

Since this is my first run with the Hanson plan, I gave myself some leeway and set out to do six or eight repeats. I told myself that doing eight would be great, but six would be acceptable.

I’m glad I said that because I pretty much suck at 1/4 mile repeats and six was about all I could do. And I couldn’t even do these correctly. I ended up doing the actual 1/4 miles way too fast for my ability right now. I learned (afterwards) that with a goal marathon pace of 9:00, I should be doing these repeats at maybe a 7:45-8:00 per mile pace. I was doing them in the 6:40 range.

I was supposed to warm up (a mile or so, do the 1st interval, jog for a quarter mile, then repeat a bunch of times.

So I jogged out for about a mile and marked off a fairly straight and flat quarter mile. Then I did the first one (too fast). I jogged back to the start and my HR dropped, but not as low as I’d hoped. So I did the second one then walked for a few seconds to really get my HR down. Then jogged the rest of the way back to the start.

I did this six times and jogged home. Overall it felt like a good workout, although I felt like a bit of a failure for only being able to do about half of what I should have been able to do. Oh well. I think I’ll need to repeat this workout next Tuesday and see if I can do any better. With this in mind: run at the correct ~8:00 pace. Hopefully I’ll be able to jog between the 1/4 miles if I keep to this slower pace.

Day 31 CMTP – Sunday Long Run – 10 Miles


This morning’s run was fine. A bit slow, but it was pouring rain with winds up to 30 mph. I did an approximately 7-mile loop around Poipu and Old Koloa Town and then a couple more miles to make it an even ten.

I did a good job at keeping my heart rate down near 150, but this came at the cost of averaging 10:49 per mile. My shoes were soaked before finishing the first mile. The good news was that I had no significant aches or pains. My legs did feel a little heavy, after running 10 miles on Friday and another five Saturday, but I was happy to see that I wasn’t too fatigued to get my HR up into my training zones.

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